SCM Staff

In My Father’s Tire Tracks

“The sound of America”… 1959 Plymouth Savoy, winner of the American Car Collector prize at Beaches This past week has been my own mini version of Monterey. And when I say mini, I mean only three car events back to back instead of at least 20. The first event was […]

Nostalgia at the Portland Historics

This weekend the Portland Historic Races took place at P.I.R.  With the sun finally showing, it was the perfect excuse to take out the 1965 Alfa spider, while my dad attempted to keep up in the new-to-him 1972 Saab Sonnett. As we entered the corrals to park, the sound of […]

Lost in Transmission: Guest Blogger Alex Martin

I concluded my French foreign exchange a few weeks ago and returned to Portland just in time for Bloomington Gold. After living for almost a year in a country full of Citroëns and Renaults, walking into Bloomington was my first major experience of culture shock. You would have to combine […]

Alloy Gullwing is the Ultimate Collectible

If a Mercedes Gullwing is the iconic 1950s Grand Touring car, as many insist, then the ultra-exclusive, all-aluminum “alloy Gullwing” is the ultimate example. Mercedes built 29 of them in 1955 as a lightweight, racing variant on the production car. It was 175 lbs lighter than the steel car and […]

A Young Guy’s First Impression of an Old Classic

Just back from a lunchtime fish taco rally in the burgundy ’74 MG with SCM advertising homeboy Cody Wilson. Not particularly sunny out, but any April day without rain is occasion enough for two dudes to drop the top in Portland. Despite a love of old autos, my experience with both convertibles and British sports cars is approximately zero, so this was novel on every level. Here are my impressions: